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Read Novel Daddy, Go Get Her Full Episode

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Description of Novels

Read Novel Daddy, Go Get Her Full Episode

  • Title: Daddy, Go Get Her
  • Publisher: BravoNovel
  • Ratings: 9.6 (Very Good)
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English

Synopsis of Novel Daddy, Go Get Her

Thea Stratford's life came crashing down when she heard that her father had been wrongly accused of fraud and murder and thus sent to prison. As if things couldn't get worse, her fiance decided to abandon her at this crucial time, not unless she were to give herself to him that night itself. In the end, she bit the bullet and sold herself to the scumbag of her fiance in exchange for her dad's freedom. Only, it was not him she had spent the night with… Four years later, an adorable young boy was seen waiting in a Bentley with his eyes trained on a pair of mother and son on the streets. Surprise filled his eyes and for a moment, he thought he was seeing things as the boy outside looked exactly like… him!

Read Novel Daddy, Go Get Her Full Episode

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Link to Read Novel Daddy, Go Get Her Full Episode PDF: Here


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